Our Projects

Design & Construction provides comprehensive services both in the design and construction of building projects, with continuous updating and application of the most modern construction methods, by specialized scientific and technical personnel.

The main goal is the optimization of the built environment, through creative and customized design, study and construction solutions that will respond to the culture and aesthetics of the owner, the entrepreneur and the wider society.

"Study - Design - Construction"

Regardless of the type and scale of the project, DC studies, designs and finally implements technical solutions to satisfy all the needs of the users of each building.

It has been proven that the success of a technical project lies in the correct and effective observance of the above stages. For this reason, the company's potential is surrounded by experienced and qualified Engineers, as well as a network of specialized engineers covering the entire technical spectrum as well as experienced technical staff, of constant cooperation and success, covering all construction stages and requirements.

Simplicity, functionality, attention to detail and quality, pace and timelessness, are the basic principles that govern our design philosophy.